Naturya wins Best in Show at PAC 2018

06 March, 2018 Share socially

FutureBrand has been working with superfood brand Naturya to help take the brand from a niche player to a mainstream lifestyle brand for all. The judges at the PAC Global Leadership Awards felt the design really answered the brief in a tangible way, making the brand noticeable and accessible.

As James Downham, President & CEO of the PAC Global Leadership Awards explained: "Naturya was selected by the judges as Best in Class in the rebrand food and beverage category. At the next hurdle it was chosen amongst all the brand leaders in the overall Brand Marketing category as Best in Show. The colours are vibrant, the packaging is exquisite and this branding positions the product to move beyond being a niche superfood product to everyday lifestyle brand."

Marie-Therese Cassidy, the Executive Creative Director who led the project, said "Naturya makes you feel alive, bursting with energy – we wanted to ensure this positivity and abundance through the design language. Previously, the logo was hidden, or used more as an endorser. The new logo places the emblematic brand mark centre stage, at the heart of the new visual language."

Ben Purcell, the CEO of Naturya concluded:

When you are building a new brand to meet new consumer demand, it takes very special foresight from others to visualise the opportunity in the same way that FutureBrand do. We met with dozens of agencies, a few grasped it but only FutureBrand absolutely got why we do what we do. Their vision, creativity, passion and culture is inspiring. Their work on Naturya reflects all of it and more.
Naturya wins Best in Show at PAC 2018

FutureBrand continues to work with Naturya on innovation, new range extensions and brand experience.