Disney goes from strength to strength

09 November, 2018 Share socially

Walt Disney’s sterling performance in its fiscal full year and fourth quarter results comes as no surprise. The company, currently dubbed by some as the “Netflix killer”, also appears to be well positioned for the future with our recent FutureBrand Index research revealing that out of the world’s top 100 companies, Walt Disney was the one with the most staying power.

One of the reasons for its successes was that overall admiration for Disney had markedly improved in the last two years, up 36 per cent from 25 per cent, and there was an increased perception of it as a brand that is moving forward (up 66 per cent on 2016 figures).

Disney goes from strength to strength

Since its very beginnings, Disney has led the way in the entertainment category, flexing its approach as times change. The company has added to its portfolio since stating its original 1923 purpose: to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Both Disney and Netflix are demonstrating a clear sense of their purpose and an uncanny knack of delivering the brand experience moments to reinforce that.

Disney is certainly doing a great job of maintaining its legacy but what will happen when it launches its own streaming channel next year? Will it present real competition to Netflix?

If Disney is maintaining its legacy, then Netflix is on the way to creating one, as it continues to change the entertainment industry on both sides of the camera.

Disney goes from strength to strength

The main factors for Walt Disney’s success from our research were all based on consumers’ perceptions of elements of the experiences it provides which included having an engaging personality, being pleasurable and having a great story, tying in with its original purpose laid out in 1923. The companies that have the best chance of future success, are those that consistently align the totality of the experiences they create with their wider corporate purpose.