Apple as "intelligent guardian"

05 October, 2018 Share socially

With the recent launch of their Watch Series 4, Apple’s latest innovation not only overshadowed their new iPhone release, but it also laid bare the company’s aspirations at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Coined the “intelligent guardian,” the new watch follows Apple’s investment in medical research (highlighted by its partnership with Stanford University on the Apple Heart Study) and is considered the first piece of wearable tech to receive approval from the FDA. In addition to its renowned fitness and nutrition tracking features, the new EKG feature monitors a user’s heart rate and sends alerts if there’s a problem. It can also detect falls and contact authorities if you need help.

Apple’s promising new watch contrasts with waning interest in the company’s flagship product, the iPhone. According to The Verge, “There’s a number of reasons why the Apple Watch is outshining the iPhone these days. The first and most obvious is that the iPhone has become boring, trapped by the diminishing returns Apple can wring out of the device year after year."

Apple as "intelligent guardian"

Meanwhile, with even more medical applications on the way, the new Watch is poised to position Apple as a serious player in the healthcare field. A combination of reach, functionality and innovation-driven benefits make this technology purposeful at a time when consumers are looking for just that—not incremental upgrades to devices they already own.

In August, Apple became the first US company to hit $1 trillion in market value. Their continued growth depends on branching out past the confines of its product lineup and into areas such as content development and new spaces, like yes, healthcare, where their vision for ‘what’s next’ can help people lead healthier lives.

While other tech titans are having difficulty keeping up in this year’s FutureBrand Index, we saw a major jump amongst healthcare companies such as GSK, Amgen, Sanofi, UnitedHealth Group, and Bristol-Myers Squibb that use technology and innovation to solve a specific problem. Currently ranked number 4 in our index, Apple’s foray into the healthcare space demonstrates a clear purpose to galvanize their consumers and move beyond the iPhone.