Truth About Street Revealed

17 October, 2017 Share socially

Can you just imagine how much we learnt about the world? Both global and local brands count on us here at FutureBrand to better understand people, particularly in these uncertain times. So, what we did was dug deep and experienced their lives first hand.

Our 24 hour global truth hunt consisted of a whole range of fun activities which included interviews, surveys and fashion spotting, all of which uncovered some pretty amazing revelations.

Our favorite three included:

  1. Understanding consumers in a truly local way is more important than ever. We discovered that people really feel connected to London. The reason why London is so unique for people is because it boils down to the fact that it is so multicultural and on a daily basis we get to interact with people from all walks of life. London is defined by diversity, giving people so many opportunities, and has such an infinitely rich cultural scene.
  2. Global brands have always had to tackle the challenge of balancing how it both globalizes and localizes their brand. We realised that more and more people consider themselves Global citizens due to their communities continually being shaped by the different nationalities coming through which subsequently influences people directly.
  3. Comprehending the ever-changing shopping habits in this day and age is crucial for brands. Fitting with the notion that consumers are constantly looking for ways to better their own lives, we found that online shopping has drastically changed peoples lives in terms of convenience. So much so that fully ‘embedded’ Londoners haven’t noticed anything missing from their experience since the rise of online shopping, but it’s the people who have experienced life in smaller villages and towns who are saddened by the decline in local and independent shops.

Not only did we get to discover some pretty big revelations about our community, but we also had the best day filled with both curiosity and excitement, which was made even better wearing the Truth About Street t–shirts!