New bank for the Baltics announced

09 March, 2017 Share socially

The name of the new bank brand created by FutureBrand for the merger of Nordea and DNB’s operations in the Baltic States will be Luminor. The announcement of the new brand is an important step towards the launch of this new bank and was shared this week by Luminor’s management team and FutureBrand with all the new bank’s employees.

Erkki Raasuke, chairperson of the bank’s management board, told his colleagues:

"We are creating a new brand and a new bank. This is a unique opportunity to work the way we want and combine professional experience with a special approach in relations with clients. With consideration for quality and values, we wish that the new bank’s activities are based on three key principles: people first, quality in everything and clear focus."

The new bank’s brand was created in cooperation with FutureBrand’s London team who are now developing the brand’s wider toolkit.

"Luminor combines two characteristics of the bank and business. The first part of the name expresses the brand purpose of creating a better tomorrow. Lumin comes from Latin for the word ‘light’. This is what we want the bank to be for its customers, businesses, communities and home countries: a visible sign that things can change for the better, pointing a way forward into a better future",

explains FutureBrand Senior Strategic Director Freddie Baveystock.

He emphasizes that the other half of the name ‘nor’ calls back to the deep roots of the mother organization, and countries in which owners live and work.

"The -Nor portion of the new name comes from Nordic. Those are the countries that have founded one of the most stable bank systems in the world and which can be proud of the highest standards in customer service. We have united these qualities in one word, which will be as though a guide for our clients and colleagues, reminding everyone how and why we exist",

he continues.

It is planned that the merger could be completed in Q2 2017. Until all the necessary approvals and decision associated with the process are received, both banks will continue working as independent and mutually competitive businesses.

Luminor demonstrates with itself a promise to clients and employees – to be a modern and welcoming bank founded based on lifestyle and business approach in Baltics to create a better tomorrow. Our vision is to become the best customer-oriented bank in Baltic States.
Nils Melngailis
Council Chairman, Luminor