FutureBrand Paris release The Future of Alcohol study

10 July, 2017 Share socially

At FutureBrand we believe that the future is something you create. As the world changes, new expectations and pressure emerge for familiar brands. In alcohol, our Paris team perceived a shift in social and personal attitudes to drinking that inspired us to create “The Future of Alcohol”. This study examines six consumer macro trends and their underlying drivers that we strongly believe will shape the future of alcohol and beverage brands.

Building on these, we leveraged cross-disciplinary expertise in brand strategy and design to imagine plausible future brand experiences and ideas that could disrupt the spirits category in the years to come. “The Future of Alcohol” is meant to inspire you as a marketer in your search for exciting ways to revitalize your brands offer to better fit with consumers’ needs, today and tomorrow.

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To hear more about the concepts we developed and the thoughts of our brand experts on the future of the alcohol industry, please get in touch.