The Resolution Solution

07 January, 2016 Share socially
I guess few will be surprised by this figure. We hear the same thing every year.

What is more surprising though is to take a look at those who succeed and the reasons behind this success (i.e. the positive side of the story that newspapers aren’t interested in but that is very FutureBrand).

Those who succeed in losing a few pounds or keep going to the gym more, are the ones who are able to connect this everyday endeavour (slog?) with something bigger – for example a desire to look better, feel better, to succeed at work or in a relationship etc.

By having a higher order ambition, the temptation to give up in the here and now is easier to resist and regimens are easier to maintain.

What’s more, the positive daily results of improved daily behaviour, however tiny, are felt within this enlarged context and ambition. This gives them greater narrative and significance and thus they become increasingly rewarding and addictive.

Daily behaviours feed the longer-term goal, while the longer-term goal returns meaning, context and purpose to the everyday.

The same thinking applies to brands, of course, if you want people to interact with your brand more and make it part of their daily routine, then you have a much better chance of them sticking it out with you if you offer them something big, ambitious and inspiring – and above all, something that truly connects to their big life missions, not just their short term needs. In other words, a brand that knows ‘why’ it is here, not just what it does or how it is different.

At FutureBrand, we call that a brand purpose.