Nespresso Festive Campaign: Rediscover the holiday Joy

11 November, 2016 Share socially

The end-of-year festivities embody magical moments for everyone, taking us back to a particular atmosphere, where everything is more intense and exhilarating. This gifting season is crucial for brands in terms of business, but also represents a strong opportunity for them to connect with their consumers.

Nespresso is no exception to this fervour and was looking to create an impactful and disruptive 360 campaign to stand out from the crowded competitive landscape, starting with their boutique windows.

The brand asked itself several questions; How to be in the Holiday spirit yet surprising? How to create desire and epitomise the perfect gift? How to tell a relevant story that will resonate with consumers?

… All the while maintaining Nespresso at the level of other luxury brands.

Working with a “Rekindle your sense of wonder” concept, FutureBrand Paris translated the holiday through the prism of childhood by creating a poetic fun fair with enchanting rides to showcase the Nespresso products.

Animated wheels, carousels and kiosks tap into our sense of nostalgia, already heightened during this season, to create a strong emotional connection

The idea was to create windows with depth allowing everyone to plunge into a world that evokes magical festive moments. With that in mind we have played with light, subtle and openwork patterns and materials to create the illusion of paper art.
Marc Usmati
Design Director, FutureBrand Paris

Working in synergy with IPG sister agencies, the ‘magical fun fair’ concept was carried in Communication by McCann, and in Trade by MRM//McCann.

To further strengthen the distinctiveness of the concept Nespresso commissioned Lorenzo Petrantoni to create specific illustrations for this campaign. His collage styled illustrations, which merge his passion for the 19th century and graphic design, were a perfect match for our reinterpretation of the vintage fair.

The campaign will be in all the Nespresso boutiques in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America during the Festive period.

FutureBrand and Nespresso are thrilled by the outcome of this campaign with Tiziana Della Croce, Global Trade and Retail Communication Manager, Nespresso, saying;

The campaign has been applauded by all the markets and has garnered strong enthusiasm across management. Congratulations for this beautiful work.
Tiziana Della Croce
Global Trade and Retail Communication Manager, Nespresso