CAPE Awards 2015 Announced!

14 January, 2016 Share socially
To meet the brand challenges we face our FutureBranders must work individually and collaboratively to not only ‘get it done’ but to do so with extraordinary skill, charm and professionalism. That is why and how our values of CREATIVE, ADAPTABLE, POSITIVE and ENTREPRENEURIAL (C.A.P. E.) are important for us as a global firm to guide and shape behaviours and actions.

Every year we identify individuals from our global offices that deserve recognition for best representing our C.A.P.E. values. This year, we encouraged every employee to nominate the star performers in our network who deserve recognition. We received over 100 nominations from around the world and the Global Leadership are now pleased to announce the winner and commendations.

Special recognition and commendation to: Johnson Gu (FutureBrand Hong Kong) and, Sara Pallaro (FutureBrand Milan)

Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to representing our values.

And the winner of the C.A.P.E. awards 2015 goes to: Alicia Fowler (FutureBrand New York) for her outstanding contribution and representation of our values to clients and colleagues. Well done and deserved!

Thank you to all FutureBrand employees worldwide for participating.

We are positive about the future. This means we believe tomorrow will be better than today, for people, for business and for society.
John Doe
Chief of Futures