The Future Is Equal

26 June, 2015 Share socially

Today the US Supreme Court announced a historic ruling in the matter of civil rights. The case (Obergefell v Hodges) was brought to determine once and for all in the USA the rights of LGBT men, women and transgender citizens to be protected and offered equal rights in the areas of domestic partnership/marriage, employment and legal protection. This landmark ruling therefore overrules any state laws of discrimination and inequality and offers unprecedented equality for all citizens of the USA.

Globally, LGBT issues and rights are being continually advanced by organizations such as the HRC (Human Rights Commission) to create an equal future for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or status. In particular, HRC is committed to fighting discrimination, violence and intolerance in all forms at the political, social and commercial level in nations across the globe. FutureBrand is a proud supporter and partner of HRC in its cause helping to promote stronger brand communications in the area of fundraising and profile awareness.

This year at the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, FutureBrand and HRC have worked together to deliver a high awareness guerrilla campaign. We’ve had adverts placed in the official Cannes Lions magazine, an HRC equality flag flying over the festival and over 12,000 leaflets produced and distributed with the HRC badge attached, encouraging the uploading of a selfie with the badge, using the hashtag #FutureIsEqual. The response and interaction has been amazing and we are so glad that we can be associated with such a movement of bringing the HRC brand & cause to Europe.