Entrepreneurs of the Future

11 May, 2015 Share socially

On May 11th, the President will bring together emerging entrepreneurs from the United States and the world to emphasize the importance of these programs and highlight the impact they’ve made. The programs now operate under the Spark initiative. They fund the work of the world’s brightest emerging entrepreneurs with the goal of helping these entrepreneurs create innovative solutions to the world’s toughest challenges—including poverty, climate change, extremism—and improve access to education and healthcare.

The White House Entrepreneurship Task Force helped with the work on Spark. The task force is a team of professionals, selected by the White House, that provides advice on communications, naming, and branding for the Spark initiative. Sven Seger, Chief Creative Officer FutureBrand Americas, is one of the people selected to be part of the task force. It’s comprised of individuals from a wide range of companies and disciplines within our industry. The task force advised the White House on the best ways to brand this initiative and communicate about it to the world. The the goals of the program and work of the task force align very well with the FutureBrand purpose: to create a more positive future.

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The White House Entrepreneurship Task Force

Brett Bruen
Director of Global Engagement
National Security Council
The White House

Team Members
Kari Stoever
Sr. Director Co-Investment, Girl Effect

Dana Arnett
Chief Executive Officer VSA Partners

Michael Hendrix
Managing Director of the IDEO Boston

Bruce Mau
Co-Founder Massive Change Network Chicago

Rob Reilly
Global Creative Chairman, McCann Worldgroup

Ted Royer
Chief Creative Officer D5

Sven Seger
Chief Creative Officer FutureBrand Americas

Yosi Sergant
Owner of Task Force