Collaboration & Integration As Creativity Generators

10 June, 2015 Share socially
Over 400 people attended; most were managers and directors from McCann and some other Interpublic Group companies. McCann defined its approach to creativity as a result of collaboration and integration.

Here in FutureBrand LatAm those ideas are quite powerful, and they have a significative role on our day-to-day work. Actually, if there’s anything I have learned over my four years of experience in this company is that creativity is the main key that helps you open all kinds of doors. You have to be creative every day to look for the right data to get your job done, to offer every client new perspectives about their business, to come up with an oustanding brand strategy that puts a new brand on top of their audience’s choices, to read people’s minds and hearts through all kinds of information and all kinds of sources… Mainly, creativity is what assures you to deliver great value to your daily work.

But I agree with McCann WorldGroup when the company says that creativity is a result of collaboration and integration. And here’s why.

Literally, collaboration means the joint execution of a job; being involved with someone else to perform a task; to join a working team. Team work is the key to start listening to everyone around you, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills and strengthen others. It is a path of mutual enrichment and understanding. Above all, collaboration makes us better persons. And as FutureBrand stands for creating a more positive future, it seems reasonable that we have started for ourselves; promoting collaboration between everyone in the company, and between clients and us.

On the other hand, integration is the process of becoming a full member of a group, and being involved completely in its activities. I really dig this concept because I truly believe that the greater things only can be done when we are open to everyone’s ideas. When we don’t shut down. When we hear every opinion, from the smaller one to the bigger one, and we keep an open mind without prejudices or hierarchical issues; because we understand that everyone around us is valuable. That’s the way I see integration, and I am convinced that we could only deliver quality work if we commit to be integrative. With everyone and in every situation, no exceptions.

For delivering great quality work day by day, everyone needs to feel motivated, challenged, inspired and accompanied. When you are working with other people as a team you may reach much higher goals, and that’s exciting and encouraging. Also, if the work environment promotes integration and hears, considers and apply everyone’s ideas, people working there will deliver much better results. And that’s more than necessary for the whole company to keep growing and being successful.

So, I believe that this two words, collaboration and integration, own a powerful meaning and tell us a lot about how our work should be day by day. Those are concepts that we should have in mind at every phase of our work: we must never forget them. Because if we stop focusing, even for a moment, on any of those, we might be losing one of the most important assets of Futurebrand: our creativity.

Let’s keep up the good work keeping this concepts in mind everyday!