Sectors at a Glance

What does the future hold?

A summary of each sector underpinning the Top 100 that gives us a picture of the brands that are primed for success, and those that may need reinvention.

Sector Open Consumer 04

Walking the talk

Consumer goods and services have confounded the old dogs/new tricks analogy this year with the resilient performance of a number of long-established, pre-millennium companies over the last five years.

The winners here appear to not just have strong principles, but are prepared to invest in them by reinventing and innovating their brand experience. We see that there is a clear split between those that are successfully aligning brand experience with corporate purpose, and those that are not yet connecting the dots and appear more opaque in consumer minds.

Sector Open Media 04

Age is just a number

In a world where seemingly anything qualifies as 'content', two brands stand out almost as much as the age gap that separates them.

Both Disney and Netflix are demonstrating a clear sense of why they exist and an excellent ability to deliver the brand experience moments to reinforce that. The Walt Disney Company tops our 2018 study, but as we look further into the future, it would appear to be Netflix's to lose as they continue to fundamentally change the way the entertainment industry works.

Sector Open Tech 04

The future's not set

The impact tech has on our lives as consumers is pervasive and undeniable. While there is no doubt that a number of these companies will play a big part in shaping the future, quite how has become increasingly unclear with few being perceived to be moving ahead in three years time.

Cross-sector declines in 2018 indicate a longer-term trend that while technology brings change and new experience, the point and purpose behind this change is sometimes less apparent. This is in stark contrast to their tech 'cousins' in the burgeoning Healthcare space.

Sector Open Healthcare 04

Changing for good

With people expecting to live not just longer, and in good health, leading healthcare companies are responding positively and are increasingly perceived to be offering not just change but change for the better.

Tech-inspired innovation allied to a strong sense of mission suggest a meaningful shift from the lab into people's lives is well underway.

Sector Open Finance 04

Disrupted all over again

Ten years on from the economic crash, the financial services sector is grappling with a new set of challenges - most notably around data and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Whilst some brands are adapting and evolving, a number of others seem to be struggling in this Brave New World. The ability to create relevant and meaningful human experiences could be the key to future success and indeed, survival.

Sector Open Luxe 04

Experience, Experience, Experience

The relentless evolution of luxury into every day lifestyle experiences shows no sign of slowing.

These experiences are linked to an authentic, positive purpose, and from spirits to sports, the companies that are connecting products and services and crafting genuine moments for experience-hungry fans are thriving whatever the weather.

Sector Open Industrial 04

Reinventing relevance

This broad sector of mighty monoliths is an exciting one. Far from being left behind, these companies epitomize the fightback of the long-established brands and are starting to receive deserved credit for reimagining and recasting their role, purpose and experience in order to stay relevant.

These companies have worked hard to move beyond their original raison d’êtres and have embraced the 21st century with both hands. The next step is to rebuild and deliver genuine emotional connection with all stakeholders across the value chain.

Sector Open Oil Gas 04

Grasping the nettle

Everyone loves to hate the oil companies, right? Well, not this year. The story of this sector is more or less a universally positive one.

Perhaps the prospect of being both the problem and the solution to the energy vs. environment challenge has compelled the sector to take the lead on innovation, and they are gaining the associated credit for this. There's still work to be done however, especially around their individual purpose stories and every day experiences.

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