MasterCard Worldwide


In 2006 MasterCard International made the global announcement that it was going public. Long before the IPO, however, FutureBrand was engaged to create a new value proposition and new global positioning, signalled by a new Corporate Signature that would complete the transition of MasterCard International from a ‘card payments’ company to MasterCard Worldwide – a leader in advancing commerce globally.

Our challenge was to bring the MasterCard Worldwide brand to life and ensure that the corporate strategy would be communicated through its various touchpoints.



As part of the value proposition development, FutureBrand helped MasterCard to uncover and express a new master brand strategy. This process led to the development of a new corporate identity that better reflected the full range of capabilities and consumer facing brands within the MasterCard portfolio, as well as MasterCard Worldwide’s three-tiered business model.

The Corporate Signature references the globally recognised heritage of the interlocking circles and includes a third circle, the forward-moving transparent lens. The lens represents an introspective view of the company, while illuminating the breadth, depth, and forward thinking viewpoint of MasterCard Worldwide.



The work resulted in a new corporate positioning and name to better define and differentiate the MasterCard corporate brand globally, a new corporate identity, deeply rooted in the corporate strategy and a simplified visual system that allows the corporate brand to be the hero of each communication piece – from business cards, to a brochure system, through to corporate signage.

Capabilities involved