GPA - Global Planning Architecture  - is an integrated Italian independent design firm specializing in architecture, workplace, interior design, strategic consultancy, master plan and project & construction management. 

Since 2012 GPA is member of a global network connecting its Milan headquarter with 5 studios located in Dubai, London, Bogota, Moscow and New York.


GPA needed a strategic positioning that could highlight its unique feature as an international planning firm offering creative, design and planning skills applied to a wide range of integrated services.

Building on the strategic positioning FutureBrand was then to develop a consistent and distinctive brand image that could be successfully applied to all GPA’s communication tools.

A contemporary and refined brand image that could meet the expectations of clients and prospects as well as of the design community, in brief of a target used to think via images and to appreciate a rigorous style rich in creativity.


The “less is more” philosophy has guided the creation of Global Planning Architecture new brand image, where every graphic element has a precise role and contributes to the development of a sharp brand language.

Through its open though recognizable traits, the GPA logo expresses a bold character and generates the brand’s visual system.

FutureBrand has designed a set of shapes informed by geometrical matrices that move freely in the space. A simple and contemporary visual language bringing concepts such as dynamism and multiplicity to the forefront and strongly characterising GPA’s entire on and off line communication.



The rebranding project has produced a strong brand image effectively stating Global Planning Architecture’s role as leading international planning firm offering integrated services worldwide.

Graphics and design play a big role in GPA brand identity making easy for the brand to reach its audiences leveraging on a contemporary and polished image.

The visual system created by FutureBrand provides for a natural setting where the images of GPA’s projects can be displayed whether on or offline.

Capabilities involved