Celebrating a story of energy progress


Leverage a historic, high-profile merger with long-term implications on the energy industry. In its new leadership position, Exelon needed a clear, distinctive way forward to communicate the value of the merger and reflect the culture and leadership of the newly combined organization. A compelling brand story had to engage diverse audiences—from investors and policymakers to end-users and employees. What’s more, the new Exelon needed an identity that drew on past equities while representing a vision for the future.


We brought the new Exelon to life through a bold idea: performance that drives progress. New corporate values unified the organization’s culture around safety, diversity and a commitment to serve customers and communities. Paired with a more vibrant brand personality, these elements formed the basis of a new logo and design system that express Exelon’s leadership in an open, engaging way.

A consolidation of companies required a new set of tools and processes to effectively manage brand compliance with multiple stakeholder groups. The Brand Center centralizes guidelines, assets, training and the process of reviewing and approving of collateral, reporting over 50% ‘time’ saving when managing projects & teams, compared to traditional ways of working.



Re-positioned around the new corporate vision of maximizing energy to create a brighter, more sustainable future, the merger of Exelon and Constellation Energy created not only the leading competitive energy provider, but also one of the industry’s cleanest and lowest- cost power generation portfolios. Its portfolio is now 55% nuclear, 28% natural gas, 10% renewable / hydro / solar, with a leadership position in commercial solar energy