Matured to perfection, Nespresso introduces its first aged coffee

01 February, 2017 Share socially

For the first time Nespresso is offering discerning coffee lovers the chance to taste an aged coffee as it launches its latest Limited Edition, SELECTION VINTAGE. Much like fine cheese, meat and vinegar, coffee too can be expertly aged for a unique vintage result that is rich, mellow and deliciously velvety.

Aged coffee is a special and sought after coffee that has been deliberately aged over several years, allowing it to develop new sensory dimensions over time. Made from fresh Arabica coffee sourced from high altitudes in the Colombian highlands, SELECTION VINTAGE was harvested and then meticulously aged over several years, resulting in a new sensory experience. Careful crafting was key to ensuring this unique result.

The challenge was how to incite consumer curiosity and a desire for a relatively unknown practice? How could we create relatable content to convey its unique sensorial experience? 

Focusing on the notion of “Time. Taste. Craft.”, FutureBrand Paris looked to clearly incorporate each of the campaign’s three key notions within the boutique displays. The passage of time is conveyed through the intricate clockwork structure, and luxurious coffee glasses, elegantly poised, reveal true craftsmanship and promise consumers an unparalleled sensory experience

“Our goal was to construct a world of authenticity, which would immediately provoke interest amongst our consumers. With this in mind, we played with the idea of the passage of time, all while conveying the delicate art of the aging process through the materials and colours that we worked with.”
Naya Lascurain
Product designer, FutureBrand Paris

The campaign was launched in the Nespresso boutique network across all markets in January 2017 and the SELECTION VINTAGE coffee will be available for a limited period of time in the Nespresso sales channels worldwide.