Let Iced Coffee and Nespresso Refresh your Summer

19 June, 2017 Share socially

Nespresso coffee is always a perfect way to warm yourself up during those long winter months, but what about cooling off when the sun is beaming down at the height of summer? Nespresso, always looking to bring more to consumers, will launch two Limited Edition coffee capsules so that the perfect iced coffee can be enjoyed all summer long.

Wanting to introduce these Limited Edition On Ice capsules in an impactful yet relatable way, Nespresso asked FutureBrand to develop a refreshing, head-turning summer campaign. The campaign goal: to show consumers what summer could look like with Nespresso iced coffee by their side.

Of course, to achieve these goals, FutureBrand had to successfully address and overcome certain challenges: how could we create a campaign that is idyllic, yet consumer-relatable at the same time? How could we use the ATL visualisations to create something more than just an image, something more than just a view?

With the key goal of establishing a true holiday feel, FutureBrand Paris, working with four striking ATL visualisations, created a series of displays that allow consumers to picture their ideal summer vacation: relaxing in beautiful places with a refreshing iced coffee in hand.

Beautiful views, alluring colours and layering of each visualisation, adding a sense of depth and dynamism to the displays, come together seamlessly to create a view paradise, a paradise that is enhanced with Nespresso’s iced coffee.

We really wanted to find the perfect balance between a scene that is completely beautiful and idyllic and one that consumers can really envisage themselves in. Through rich colours and the real locations that each visualisation depicts, we tried to tap into both of these aspects.
Anne-Catherine de Courville
Product Designer, FutureBrand Paris

The Nespresso Iced Coffee Campaign 2017 will launched in June in boutiques across the world. 

Nespresso, along with FutureBrand, are extremely happy with the final result of this campaign.