A Bright Future For An Old Name - Merck Reveals Bold New Brand

15 October, 2015 Share socially

The launch is the culmination of a major strategic and design process aimed at creating a brand expression that celebrates Merck’s unique position in the marketplace and unites its rich and varied businesses of healthcare, life science and performance materials. 

Merck is committed to advancing technology for life, constantly innovating and moving forward for almost 350 years. And everywhere today Merck’s technologies are making people’s lives richer.

How could such an amazing company just look so conventional? How could so many amazing achievements go unnoticed? If science is so exciting, why does it look so dull? 

The truth was that scientific companies are all practicing the same design habits. Images of test tubes, starkly lit laboratories and technology clichés make sure everyone looks the same. Merck had many colourful stories to tell but no tools to do so.

Seeking a form of expression that’s true to Merck’s vibrant view of life, FutureBrand together with the group communications team at Merck, found the answer at the heart of the Merck business - in the infinitely fascinating world under the microscope. This is where scientists look for their answers and where Merck look closer than anyone else.

Inspired by this vivid universe, FutureBrand created an ecosystem of elements: striking colours, expressive cells, energetic strings and experiential macrobes that can be combined to celebrate Merck’s imagination.

A clear wordmark lives alongside a constantly changeable ‘Vibrant M’, used to unite all of Merck’s businesses and signal the presence of vibrant science and technology.

All of this is held together with a simultaneously technical and organic typeface that allows Merck to tell its most colourful stories ever. 

A brave new expression for a company at the cutting edges of scientific discovery. 

In FutureBrand we found a world-class partner who was willing and able to think strategically and creatively about our brand and business. We challenged them to be bold; and they responded with flair and intelligence.
Axel Löber
Head of Branding & Communications Strategy, Merck Group Communications
Our close partnership with Merck has enabled us, together, to create a brand strategy that transcends category conventions and delivers a brand expression that is as exceptional and remarkable as Merck itself.
Simon Hill
General Manager, FutureBrand London