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Most indices of brand strength assess current and historical performance and perceptions. They present a picture of today that quickly dates as the world moves on. But global brands are dynamic and their strength shifts as each day passes, particularly as reputation ebbs and flows across the social web. So we need new ways of assessing brands in real-time, and the patterns that form which hint at what might happen next: just like weather forecasting.

An innovative experiment

In December 2012, FutureBrand launched an innovative 12 month experiment in brand strength prediction. Inspired by the predictive potential of stock markets and consumer passion for brands, we created a unique online trading market for brands, allowing people to buy and sell brands as ‘shares’. The FutureBrand Index incentivised 1,167 traders around the world to build the most valuable portfolio based on their prediction of future brand performance, and offered over 1,100 leading brands that you can buy across 20 categories from Amazon.com to Zopa. The aim was simple – instead of looking at past performance as an indicator of future brand strength, we wanted to look ahead and speculate on what might happen next, capturing those indicators as a set of global brand forecasts.

Global brand forecast report

The Future50 report offers an alternative view to traditional brand studies - one driven by momentum and latent potential. It combines activity in the Index with FutureBrand’s expert opinion and experience, and makes some broad forecasts about brand and category strength. We are making the report available without charge here to stimulate debate about the future and the role for brands in creating it.

Click here to download the full Future50 report for free.